On the Wagon Again


Slowly getting back to my regular EVE routines, starting off with getting the podcast back on to a regular schedule of recording and editing.  New comic’s out, I’m this close to getting out a long-promised new set of parts for Nature Vraie, and I’m almost caught up on my backlog of evemails.

Coming back to EVE after a few weeks or months worth of less-than-average play time is always somewhat interesting.  It’s not exactly like riding a bike, I mean if you’re not used to how a particular ship flies you can end up dead really fast.

For me it usually entails first dragging out my Kronos for some level four missions.  It lets me make a few bucks, get reacquainted with my overview settings, and most importantly lets me get into the general flow of corp and alliance chatter.

Maybe I’ll make this a topic for tomorrow’s Massive Gamer Magazine article.. hmm 🙂

Prince of Persia


So I finally got around to finishing this game tonight, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing.  Figured I’d post some impressions of what I thought of this reboot of the Prince of Persia series.

First off, the graphics of this game are really impressive.  Instead of shooting for realism, Ubisoft went for a “make the game look like the concept art” approach, and totally succeeds.  It’s kind of a cell-shading meets watercolor thing, and fits with the fantasy setting.

The primary focus is on the platforming, something which a lot of people whinged about the fact that the overall platforming experience is pretty easy.  In a way it is, but it’s easy in an enjoyable way.  You’re frequently faced with traversing areas with a sequence of timed jumps and specific button presses (kind of quick time event-ish in a way), and watching the Prince and his companion Elika doing these moves looks great.   Yeah it’s not a hardcore experience, but the animations are extremely fluid, and doing roof crawls, ring flips, wall jumps and more looks just really badass.  There’s no real way to die either, since Elika will magically save you from falling to your death.

Now that may make it sound ridiculously easy, but all it really does is save you the annoyance of having to do a load of a saved game all the time.  It’s very fluid, and keeps you in the game.

pop_1 pop_2 pop_3

Combat’s challenging, with each area boss requiring their own specific strategies to beat.  You can’t just hammer the attack buttons though, or else they’ll mop the floor with your face.  If you’re about to die, Elika will save you like she does when you’re platforming, but the balance here is the enemy gains a lot of health as well.

The story’s pretty good, and the voice acting is excellent which adds a lot to the dialogue scenes.  The lead actor for the Prince is the same guy from Uncharted, so expect some similar cocky chatter that’ll make you chuckle.

Definitely going to play this through some more so I can whore for trophies, but if you’re looking for a pretty accessible game that’s a lot of fun and has some top notch production values you might want to check this one out.

Testing a New Theme

Just trying out a new theme for WordPress, so feel free to toss comments about what you think of it. Well, technically it’s not NEW considering it’s been out for a couple of years, but I’m a fan of minimalism and this one definitely qualifies.

I’ll be tweaking the layout here and there as the days go by. And yes, I know it’s a dark theme. 🙂

Advanced Marketing

This week, I look at how CCP is embracing new styles of marketing to reach a larger audience.

CCP has embraced these newer methods of marketing, and successfully so. You might have noticed it here and there, but I figured it might be a good idea to list what they’ve been doing lately and whether it’s worth paying attention as an EVE player.

Source: Advanced Marketing

Holiday Funs

Hey all, just giving a shout out to everyone to hope everyone had a good Christmas, and that their New Years Eve celebrations are safe and fun.

Been pretty busy as of late, hence why things like the WDA podcast have faltered. Well, that’s a joint issue between Urban and I really, work’s been kicking his ass and mine lately, and when real life rears its ugly head then other commitments have to fall by the wayside.

Gaming wise, been fiddling around with EVE a bit, not too terribly much because of the holidays and all. Generally been on a Christmas break like a lot of folks, messing around more with my PS3 and enjoying games like Resistance 2 thoroughly. The online modes of that game are a blast.

And today I wake up with the sniffles, so hopefully I can kick that by the 31st because that will totally put a damper on things.

Anyway, what did everyone end up getting for Christmas? I got the usual stuff, plus the collector’s edition of The Dark Knight on Bluray (the one with the Batpod model), and a copy of Prince of Persia for the PS3.