And He Has a Plan


It’s no secret that lately things have been pretty busy for me, so much so that I’ve barely had time to keep up with any major EVE-related activities.  That’s changing now though.

Warp Drive Active has unfortunately been one of the things that has had to be prioritized lower than usual, and now that’s no longer the case.  Sporting a newly redesigned look and feel, and even now a new podcast, I think you’ll find it more and more actively updated than ever before.

Starting to play more frequently is interesting with a game like EVE, one practically has to take it easy for a while and get your spacelegs back.  I’m spending a lot more time back in that icky place known as Empire space rather than out in 0.0 with my compatriots, running the odd mission here and there and getting used to the feeling of blowing something away.

The thing with EVE is that a lot of things change over time, and not just game mechanics.  The change in player politics and actions affects a lot in the game, and it’s easier to see those changes if you step back for some weeks.

No better time to take  a break from playing Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 though, than the release of a new expansion.  Dominion’s been amazing so far, with a laundry list of changes primarily dealing with alliance warfare.  The changes are huge, and in theory at least are incredibly positive.  It’s still too early to tell yet how actual warfare will change since the grace period for alliances to set up their infrastructures is due to end soon.  Then the siege toys go on the market, and we can see how system wars will end up.

By then, hopefully, I’ll be back in 0.0 where I normally hang. 🙂

Anyway, with a new WDA site came a new podcast as well, with a different format than before.  It’ll evolve over time, into who knows what, but fresh stuff is better than old stuff, or no stuff.

3 thoughts on “And He Has a Plan

  1. Really enjoyed the new podcast format (although I miss Fail Mails). Wollari is a great guy and his DOTLan maps has been a huge benefit for me, especially with the ingame browser.

    Look forward to more convo hot drops.


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