New Comic, just like riding a bike

Finally got back into doing comics after returning to playing EVE. It’s so great to be back into the general swing of things after two months. It’s been neat to come back to the player politics, especially with the “everyone pile on BoB” thing that’s been going on.

Been playing a ton of Crackdown on the Xbox 360 as well, which has proven to be a great way to pass a lot of free time. It’s incredibly light on the main “plot” missions, but more than makes up for it with the free sandbox gameplay. Finding new ways to jump around the city rooftops and such is more fun than most games of the genre.

Also had a chance to play the new GRAW2 demo, which is basically like saying I’ve been playing GRAW again but with prettier graphics. It’s the same game. Almost exactly the same, and I can’t see why this is being marketed as anything other than an expansion pack at best. The shadowing is very impressive, but only really showcases that the AI cheats more.

Other than gaming, today was an interesting milestone: I finally got a chance to take my car out for a spin, after two months of it sitting all nice and clean in my garage. I seriously missed it, and ended up missing out on some prime AWD conditions. 😦 But such is life, and there’s always next year.

Home at last

Finally home, got in last night.  Got released from the hospital a few days ago though, but stayed at my parents’ place, since you have to be under observation for a period afterwards.  What an ordeal.

Stone’s been removed, no complications or anything, so it’s just recovery time now.  Thanks to everyone who sent supportive emails, evemails, chocolates, and other items. :)  I expect I’ll be back to my regular routine in the next couple of weeks, providing recovery moves forward at a decent pace.

That includes getting back to EVE and comic making (yay!).  I’ve been missing that a lot.

Oh and if anyone’s curious, I managed to satisfy my gaming itch while in the hospital, with my PSP and Wipeout Pure.  Love that series, and that game still continues to be amazing.

One day to go…

Well, there’s just one more day to go, and I’ll be (finally) going under the knife to get this accursed kidney stone out. After what I hope will be a short post-op recovery period, I’ll be happy to return to work, driving, EVE, and well… life.

I still can’t believe it’ll be two months since this stupid thing’s symptoms got acute, and only now do I get to have it dealt with. It’s a complete waste of my productive time, and it’s been the polar opposite of anything resembling time off. Not fun, not recommended by me to anyone at all. And I can’t wait to get back to doing comics again.
So this is me signing off for a few days. See you all on the other side of the gate.

So where the hell have I gone to?

No I haven’t quit doing WDA and ENV, no I haven’t quit playing EVE, and no I’m not dead. What I am is basically bed- and sofa-ridden thanks to a big kidney stone sitting inside my kidney. It’s not going anywhere, and will have to be surgically removed. The symptoms got nasty on the 22nd of December, so you can imagine this hasn’t exactly been a fun time for me. Fear not, though. I’m still around, set some looooong skills training in EVE, and hope to be back to the land of the living soon.

Happy Birthday WDA!

A bit belated, but Warp Drive Active celebrated its 3rd birthday on the 11th of December! I started this thread on the EVE Online forums, and I’m flabbergasted at the number of people who’ve chimed in with awesome comments.

It’s been a heck of a ride so far, doing WDA for this long. I’d never thought I’d ever do something like this, and the fact that it’s been successful this long is equally mindblowing to me. Tons of thanks to all who support it.

Here’s to another three awesome years!!

New WDA, and Tournament’s End

The Third Alliance Tournament is over now, and Band of Brothers has once again won. 🙂 To commemorate this, there’s a new WDA, complete with a friendly jab of course.

The first weekend of the tournament was technically frustrating, since the streaming servers of the live EVE TV feed were acting up. But things were smooth as silk this weekend, at least for me. The people at EVE TV caught a lot of flack from the forum trolls, but every year things keep getting better and better overall. Better coverage, better commentary, better sets… and it’s all due to the people behind it like Xyliana, spiralJunkie, Xod, and the rest of the team.

Great job, folks.

Post patch forum funnies

Man, I tell you some of the best entertainment can be found on the EVE forums these days, now that the Kali 1 patch has been put in. It’s been a week, and the forums are a total clusterfrack of people whinging over every… single… thing. I mean come on. News flash: there’s a ton of new content, enjoy it. Learn to use it, interact with it, adapt to it. That’s EVE.

If you’re an EVE player who’s recently come to it from another game, this is something you have to deal with in EVE that you won’t have to in other games. EVE is deep and complex, and continues to get more and more deep and complex with every patch. Most games just tack on side content that’s optional, here the changes affect the world. Like real life, you know?

So take a breath and relax, give things a few weeks and I think you’ll find things aren’t quite so bad as you might be thinking.