Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of ManHaving recently picked up a PS3, the obvious choice for a first game to purchase is Resistance. It’s pretty much the best title out at this time, at least of titles which are exclusive to the PS3 platform.

The story concept is intriguing. World War 2 never happened, instead all of Asia and Europe are overrun by what seemingly is some kind of disease. You play an American soldier landing in England in the 50’s in an attempt to discover what’s been going on.

There’s some seriously awesome action here, and some pretty unique stuff happening, even for a first person shooter. A lot of that comes from the interesting weapons you have at your disposal. Given that Insomniac develops the Ratchet & Clank series, they’ve wielded their knack for firepower here with great results.

Weapons have primary and secondary fire modes, the latter usually doing something interesting such as putting up an anti-bullet barrier or letting you stop a missile mid-flight and steering it in a totally different direction. Or my personal favorite, the Fifth Element-inspired Bullseye, whos secondary fire mode shoots off a shell which acts as a tracking point for your bullets fired afterwards. Hit a target, and you can watch as your subsequent shots veer off towards them no matter where you’re pointing.

Coming from the Xbox 360 platform to this, the graphics are pretty damn impressive. Things may not have the high detail as say Gears of War, however the environments are gigantic and the artistic detail is much more appealing. It runs extremely smooth even with the 40-player multiplayer.

This is easily the best launch title in the PS3’s lineup, but it’s still fun now even after other consoles such as the 360 are hitting their prime. Scary to think where the PS3 will be in six months. Personally, I found this game to be much more engaging than a lot of other shooters out right now, and the unlockable additional weapons after finishing the campaign once make repeated plays not only warranted, but newly enjoyable. Check this one out if you’re at all into shooters, you won’t be disappointed.

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