So yeah… b3yond, and all that

Playstation 3As some might already know, I broke down last week and bought a Playstation 3 when picking up a copy of 300. I figured hey why get the DVD version when one should really do that movie justice and get it on a high-def format. Blu-Ray seemed the most sensible, given that the format has gained some serious popularity over HD-DVD. I have to say, the movie looks fracking fantastic. The clarity of the carnage is unparalleled.

I’ll have some actual BD (Blu-Ray Disc, for the uninitiated) reviews soon, but I just wanted to say that the PS3 itself is a great little console. They’re really not kidding when they make note of the potential of the thing, games right now are only scratching the surface while 360 is pretty much peaking in my opinion. There’s some seriously great stuff coming down the pipe for PS3 owners this year and beyond. The 360 still has some great games though, don’t get me wrong. Forza 2 is like automotive crack, and Rainbow Six Vegas is an incredible first person shooter.

It’s a good time to be a gamer overall, and the consoles are really appealing right now. The addition of a high def player in the PS3 is a definite advantage, letting me eliminate my DVD player from my home theater setup. It’s a pity the PC gaming scene is almost totally dead right now, with some obvious exceptions.

EVE’s still my #1 game, of course. 🙂

3 thoughts on “So yeah… b3yond, and all that

  1. Was getting the PS3 worth it? They’re really expensive in Australia. close to a grand :S. I prefer PC gaming so atm id rather put it to updating the PC instead of a new console.


  2. Mm nice 😀 I really need to get all this high tech stuff…. I got the cash but im trying to get overseas so… bah >.


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