New Dev Blog on Security

It looks like CCP have turned their eye to EVE security, meaning CONCORD response and standings hits.  There’s a lot of changes that they’re looking at, but one that caught my eye:

In addition, the highly requested feature of removal of insurance in CONCORD related events will be implemented in the near future.

Most people who play EVE will probably know exactly what type of player that change is going to affect the most.  Click here for the full dev blog contents.

10 thoughts on “New Dev Blog on Security

  1. I’m in favor of all the changes CCP described, even having been one of “those kind of players” . I’m not convinced the changes will eliminate suicide ganking–it depends on how much faster Concord’s response is. It seems that it’s going to force them to take a much bigger risk of loss and be far more discriminating about their targets, though.


  2. Mynxee, agreed that suicide ganking will not disappear, nor should it in my view. The proposed system would create a scenario where ganks won’t be so random and haphazard, they’ll need more preparation, more thought behind the acts. At least I hope that will be the case.

    Some big changes announced in the game lately. Interesting times.


  3. Agreed I DO NOT want people to think that AFk is the way to fly through empire. What I do see is an evolving pattern whereby pilots HAVE to pay attention. If your in FW, nowhere is safe, If you are in 0.0 or low sec same thing. Just the random attacks against new players sucks, and if we get more players the fun continues.


  4. So is this going to be the end of Jihadswarm or do you think they’ll still do it sometimes on principle? … Come to think of it, is Jihadswarm even going on anymore? (Not a miner.)


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