Tournament Blogging, Podcasting Madness

Tons of Missile DamageWith the EVE 5th Alliance Tournament coming up at the end of February, I figured now was a good time to speak on some plans that are being hatched.

First up there’s some goodies Urban and I want to do on the podcast. Nothing is fully set yet so I can’t give any details, but watch this blog for some updates as things progress.

One of the things which ended up being more successful than I’d ever thought it would be was my photoblogging of the last tournament’s finals. The pictures I took are still up on my Flickr site, so knock yourself out with those. This year I hope to do more of the same, photoblogging as much of the tournament matches as I can. This should be especially interesting given the new engine, and it’s my hope the shots I can take will out-do the ones from last year. Plus, I hope that the community enjoys the addition to the tournament coverage that will be available everywhere.

Again, watch this space for more news as the Tournament approaches. 🙂

In other EVE news, we’ve got the inaugural episode 0 of The Drone Bay, a new EVE podcast from Crovan, CrazyKinux, and the new guy whos name I can never remember. The show’s amazing, with an great chemistry between the podcasters. It’s been a blast helping these guys out the last couple of weeks to get started, and I can’t wait to listen to future episodes!

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