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So yeah, it took us a bit longer than usual but we managed to kick out a new podcast this week.  The different thing about this one was that I got to take the reigns of the editing of the podcast subsequent to recording.  It’s a lot different than I expected.

One of the things that probably helps one out while doing this is a good initial recording.  Obviously when first doing a podcast there’s going to be a lot of stuff that gets edited out, but Urbo and I have been doing this for a long time now so our uncut originals are pretty clean overall.  Well, for the most part.  That makes the job easier, so my first experience with cutting together a whole cast went pretty smooth from my end of things.

For those who don’t know, Warp Drive Active is done as a recorded Skype conversation using a handy piece of software called Pamela, which lets us actually save the audio stream of a Skype call.   We record both ends of the conversation since the local voice quality’s always going to be better than the remote’s, but for the most part we use a single side to do an edit and cut in bits from the other if the quality requires it.

The only downside to doing it is the fact that you actually have to listen to the whole podast raw file from beginning to end, to make sure you’re cutting out bits that should be cut, and that process alone can be a pain in the butt.  When the finished product is over two hours, you can imagine how long it takes to listen through a huge raw file from beginning to end.  I figure I should start taking notes on time indexes that I should revisit to work on instead.

At any rate, I watched a couple of Indiana Jones movies while doing this, so Urban’s QA on the final cut found a cut that I forgot to make.  As an aside, that new Indy movie was a huge pile of crap.

I use Audacity for my editing while Urban prefers the more commercial Soundforge, and while Audacity is a bit more rough around the edges it’s an extremely capable piece of open source sound editing software.  I’d have no issues recommending it to anyone with the caveat that you should make sure you’ve got enough free space on your drive (the project files are quite large) and that you save often.  That’s not so much of an issue for Audacity users I find, Urban sometimes kills a whole podcast when Soundforge crashes and nukes the original files.

It’s a learning experience.

Warp Drive Active Podcast #31

Warp Drive Active PodcastEvery week in the Warp Drive Active PodCast Winterblink (The Canadian) and Urban Mongral (the Brit) will bring you the goings on in EVE (except for the stuff we miss, forget or deliberately ignore).

Warp Drive Active Podcast is part of the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective

Click here to listen/download Episode 31

Show31, EPIC FAIL turns into EPIC WIN.

EVE Files Mirror praise be to Chribba!

Looks like some members former members of IAC were not happy with Tyraxx’s return to power, so they formed Odyssey Alliance. They have then headed off to Period Basis to join Tortuga. The rumor mill suggest that IAC will not take this lying down.

The MC head up north to take on PURE. Unfortunatly dj wif, one of their neighbors from Hydra, losses his Iteron MK 3 filled with some expensive bling at a MC gate gank.

In the north, the Morsus Mihi and Outbreak war grinds on. nobody seems to be in much of a rush.

Tri and KIA go to war with each other, for no good reason. Given that they live miles from each other and are busy with their own games, we don’t expect to see a lot of fighting.

In Discussion point this week, Council of Stellar Management voting begins on the 5th May.

We are still pretty much unsure about this, but we will hopefully help with debates from the candidates. Still the council is getting some attention from mainstream news.

Also check out the Video from fanfest presented by Xhagen and Dr EyjoG.

For Homework this week Urban would like you to read Matter by Iain M Banks. The final Culture novel he will write.

Join our GAX Group Pretty please with nuts on top! And while your there, check out TimMC’s awesome post. with its awesome graph!

Want to check out just how good EVE new graphics look on a high end rig? check out Lacrimosa the new video for Dire Lauthris. Looks like Loxy has competition!

Good job on the Touramentto everyone involved. Make sure you check out http://www.eve-online.com/evetv/tunein.asp the amaizing final match. Congratz to Evoke

We welcome one of New Edens finest composers, Alienhand onto the show, and we discuss his music and inspirations

Lead out tune ‘Forever Lost (Introless)’ by AlienHand.

Beyond that, just the usual random sidetrackage, gibbering and tinfoil hattery.

Warp Drive Active Industry Podcast

Benilopax and Lavista Vista have been busy the last little while throwing together another podcast (that’s three now!) for EVE, which they have lovingly called Warp Drive Active: INDUSTRY. I’ll be giving this a listen when I get home from work, but in the meantime you can check it out by following this link.

These two guest-starred on our Warp Drive Active podcast #29, and if that’s any indication then their full cast will be amazing. Congratulations, guys!

Tournament Blogging, Podcasting Madness

Tons of Missile DamageWith the EVE 5th Alliance Tournament coming up at the end of February, I figured now was a good time to speak on some plans that are being hatched.

First up there’s some goodies Urban and I want to do on the podcast. Nothing is fully set yet so I can’t give any details, but watch this blog for some updates as things progress.

One of the things which ended up being more successful than I’d ever thought it would be was my photoblogging of the last tournament’s finals. The pictures I took are still up on my Flickr site, so knock yourself out with those. This year I hope to do more of the same, photoblogging as much of the tournament matches as I can. This should be especially interesting given the new engine, and it’s my hope the shots I can take will out-do the ones from last year. Plus, I hope that the community enjoys the addition to the tournament coverage that will be available everywhere.

Again, watch this space for more news as the Tournament approaches. 🙂

In other EVE news, we’ve got the inaugural episode 0 of The Drone Bay, a new EVE podcast from Crovan, CrazyKinux, and the new guy whos name I can never remember. The show’s amazing, with an great chemistry between the podcasters. It’s been a blast helping these guys out the last couple of weeks to get started, and I can’t wait to listen to future episodes!

24 Hours With No EVE

EVE Trinity LogoUgh. What to do.

I’ll probably be hitting Steam and doing some TF2 and COD4 until EVE comes back online. But if you’ve got the hankering for some EVE related content, Urban Mongral and I have put up our latest podcast here for you to listen to. It’s not a regular one, it’s another Fanfest interview one (hence the classic intro), but there’s some general tidbits on our impressions of Trinity so far.

And the usual banter. 🙂

Wilhelm Naked No More

A while back on Warp Drive Active podcast #5 we did a contest involving sci-fi quotes. We picked a winner, and as a prize he got himself a t-shirt with the comic of his choice emblazoned on the front. Being lazy, I didn’t get around to blogging about this, but here’s a link to his blog about it, including pictures of the shirt.

Congratulations once again Wilhelm.

Warp Drive Active Podcast Episode 0

Link to the thread on EVE’s forums

This has been something that’s been cooking around in our minds separately for a while now, but Urban Mongral and I finally came together and did our first EVE related podcast. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Syndication can be found at http://www.winterblink.com/wda/podcast/wda.xml so you can add that to Google Reader, iTunes, or whatever podcast software you wish.