EVECast Ends

According to this thread, EVECast has just broadcast its final episode.

A bit short lived, and only recently finding itself a good balance of pace and content, this was a really nifty community effort that will be sorely missed. I was hoping this would be a grassroots version of EVE TV, but according to the final broadcast the level of effort required to put out the shows was too great for just one man.

Here’s to hoping VampireZIM’s load lightens and he’s able to come back to this project in the future.

One thought on “EVECast Ends

  1. This seems to be the fate of far too many fan-made eve publications. I too spend a lot of time reading eve blogs and finding podcasts etc. since I work in front of a computer all day. It would be nice if CCP could provide some small funding to keep these alive. They really do ad a lot of depth to the game I think, and while say a free account may not be a large cost for CCP it might easily make the difference between it being worthwile for these guys and it not being so.


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