EVE Music By Fans, For Fans

Alien HandAlienHand, an EVE player, is a composer of music. Inspired by EVE, he has made a post on the EVE forums about his latest efforts, currently two pieces of music inspired by EVE.

Currently he has two pieces of music completed. Liquid Space is an expansive and moody piece befitting of the vastness of EVE. Yellow Substance maintains the very EVE-like feel, but with much different pacing and a very well inspired melody. Personally, both songs are simply amazing, and totally fit in with the EVE music library. It would be utterly cool of CCP to take these two pieces of music and put them in alongside the current crop of fantastic tunes by Jon Hallur.

It’s worth noting that neither of the tunes is along the super epic style that has been seen in the EVE trailers of late. These are more in line with the classic EVE music.

Both compositions are available for download on his site AlienHand.dk free of charge. I for one will be keeping an ear open for more, so lets hope he keeps this up.

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