Warp Drive Active #145: BOOT.INI To The Head

Direct link: http://www.winterblink.com/wda/index.php?i=145

Hopefully not a lot of you were affected directly by the deployment stuff that happened. I somewhat dodged the bullet by being one of those types who doesn’t shut his PC down at night. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Warp Drive Active #145: BOOT.INI To The Head

  1. I discovered the Warp Drive Active podcast when I purchased my zune. After listening 5 min I was hooked. Love the good cop bad cop references and the thick British accent is fantastic . Very Very entertaining and most of all turned me on to EVE. I have been playing battle games and flight simulators for years ( remember “STARFLIGHT” )and EVE is awesome. Thanks for the podcasts because I listen to them while at work. I think these guys are funny and intelligent and they have a real good time doing the shows. Keep em coming !


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