37.5% Alchohol = 14% Structure

BrennivinPart of the fun of recording podcasts is sometimes we do random goofy stuff. The new podcast will be out hopefully this week so you’ll get the beginning of this little tale soon, but we ended up turning a critical patch bug review into a drinking game. Normally that’s not much of an issue, but this is EVE, and critical patch bugs are not rare things.

Some large number of shots of Brennivin later and we were done recording, both of us pretty well looped. Urban crashed for the night, but for some reason I decided a trip into Goon territory was a good idea. I apparently decided to announce this on CAOD, and the result is this thread.

I started out with the intent to go see Omist since I haven’t been out that way and hey why the hell not, but someone suggested I go to 1V- and that sounded like an awesome idea. Things started to get fuzzy for me at this point, but I got there and went on Goons TS and had a pretty interesting chat with a bunch of guys then decided to head back. Someone engaged me in HED- (I think), a group of reds. Not sure how, but I made it through the gate and got home.

At some point I made it to bed and zonked out for the night.

There’s no moral lesson to be learned here, other than if you’re going to do a drinking game about something then don’t involve critical patch issues from EVE.

Thanks to those from MC and Goons, without your support this wouldn’t have been as fun. 🙂

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