EVE Fanfest 2007

Well I figure it’s about time I dropped a note about what I’ll be up to this year in Iceland during Fanfest 2007.

Some may remember my Fanfest Galleries from last year, consisting of a pile of photos I took while in Iceland during Fanfest 2006. This year I’m going to be doing the same, but instead of waiting until I get home to prep the pictures for viewing online I’ll be doing more of a live thing this year.

I kinda got the idea while I was doing the photoblogging of the EVE 4th Alliance Tournament, putting stuff up almost as it was happening on a special Flickr gallery. I wanted to do something like this last year but the missing link was having no hardware while on site.

Well, I just received a brand new Dell Inspiron 1420 (separate blog coming with specs and pics and stuff), which means I’ll have a PC with me in Iceland to do this with, which is something I didn’t have last year. This will let me blog the events and get pictures up in a much more timely fashion. Now it’s not like I’m going to be a gargoyle or anything (reference from Snow Crash if you’re scratching your head), but time and alcohol permitting I hope to have pictures up as rapidly as I can for folks who are unable to make it to the party this year.

I really enjoyed being able to bring the close-up Tournament experience to folks who were only able to watch it via the EVE TV camera streams, and the response I got from players was nothing short of amazing. I only hope this year at Fanfest I’ll be able to help bring the experience home for those who aren’t able to join us in Iceland.

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