Back to All The Brightness

EVE MapTemporarily back in Empire space, need to get my Empire jump clones all settled. They got a bit jumbled up when I first headed out for the last contract.

I used to be an Empire player, but I enjoy the challenges and rewards in 0.0 a lot more. I mean there *are* things to do in Empire space, I enjoy doing some level 4 missions with corpmates and such. But overall it’s much more interesting when the next jump you make could be your last as you stumble into some wolfpack out for random kills.

Of course that situation can happen in Empire too with people doing suicide ganks. However, that’s pretty rare for the average joe unless you’re dumb enough to haul a lot of really expensive things in a flimsy ship. It’s not uncommon to undock in a pretty populated system and be scanned by someone looking for an easy suicide kill.

Not that I’m doing any kind of hauling of rare items or anything, in less than 24 hours I’ll be snug as a bug in a rug away from all the madness that Empire space can be. But it’s nice to see some of my personal fleet that I don’t get a chance to fly much. Good ol’ Corvus… maybe it’s time to blow the dust off for comedic purposes. 🙂

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