Oh no, back into Robotech

Robotech PosterSo recently they released The Shadow Chronicles on DVD, which is basically a feature-length continuation of the old Robotech series which a lot of anime fans came to know and love/hate back in the 80’s. The DVD’s actually pretty good, and does require that the viewer be familiar with the Robotech series.

Anyway, now I’ve been re-bitten by the bug, and I ended up going to Amazon and bought the Protoculture Collection box set. The price is actually pretty reasonable considering you’re getting all three series’ plus another 7 discs of extras. It’s mind-blowingly comprehensive.

For those who’ve never seen the series, it’s pretty epic. Even though it’s an anime, it had some very mature concepts at the time for a cartoon, including deaths of main characters, worldwide destruction and death, intergalactic war, love triangles, you name it. The animation’s a bit dated now but generally still holds up even though this is a 20 year old series.

Maybe later I’ll post some unboxing pics of the set. 🙂

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