Nice weekend away

Spent the weekend out of town (hence why I didn’t get a comic done this week), which was a nice break.

I have to say, I love taking my Impreza for a nice highway drive every once in a while. It’s a very impressive car at high speeds, and a ton of fun no matter what the road coditions are. Crazy thing is no matter how fast I was going, it never failed: somebody would blow past me like I was parked. I swear, this one car had to be doing well in excess of 200 kph. That’s just scary, especially with the roads around here.

Slowly but surely, I’m making my way through that Robotech box set I spoke of earlier. I’m done the first two series’, and am on the New Generation stuff. It’s been pretty wild seeing it all in order.

Oh no, back into Robotech

Robotech PosterSo recently they released The Shadow Chronicles on DVD, which is basically a feature-length continuation of the old Robotech series which a lot of anime fans came to know and love/hate back in the 80’s. The DVD’s actually pretty good, and does require that the viewer be familiar with the Robotech series.

Anyway, now I’ve been re-bitten by the bug, and I ended up going to Amazon and bought the Protoculture Collection box set. The price is actually pretty reasonable considering you’re getting all three series’ plus another 7 discs of extras. It’s mind-blowingly comprehensive.

For those who’ve never seen the series, it’s pretty epic. Even though it’s an anime, it had some very mature concepts at the time for a cartoon, including deaths of main characters, worldwide destruction and death, intergalactic war, love triangles, you name it. The animation’s a bit dated now but generally still holds up even though this is a 20 year old series.

Maybe later I’ll post some unboxing pics of the set. 🙂