S:AaB. No, not the car company.

So lately I dug out my box set of Space: Above and Beyond, the phenomenal sci-fi drama from the mid-90’s. I occasionally do this, and am consistently amazed at just how awesome the show is. Pity it’s only one season long.

For those who missed the series, you seriously missed out one of the coolest sci-fi shows to hit the airwaves. Nothing beats the new Battlestar Galactica mind you, but this one is a kind of a mix between Wing Commander, Galactica, and maybe some Starship Troopers. The show even had running plots throughout the series, all centered around the experiences of each member of the 58th Squadron, and their efforts to end the war with the Chigs. It’s a true pity the show only lasted a year, second to Millennium this is the best thing to come out of the X-Files production duo Glen Morgan and James Wong.

If you can find the DVD set (and that can be a big if nowadays) I highly recommend picking it up.

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