S:AaB. No, not the car company.

So lately I dug out my box set of Space: Above and Beyond, the phenomenal sci-fi drama from the mid-90’s. I occasionally do this, and am consistently amazed at just how awesome the show is. Pity it’s only one season long.

For those who missed the series, you seriously missed out one of the coolest sci-fi shows to hit the airwaves. Nothing beats the new Battlestar Galactica mind you, but this one is a kind of a mix between Wing Commander, Galactica, and maybe some Starship Troopers. The show even had running plots throughout the series, all centered around the experiences of each member of the 58th Squadron, and their efforts to end the war with the Chigs. It’s a true pity the show only lasted a year, second to Millennium this is the best thing to come out of the X-Files production duo Glen Morgan and James Wong.

If you can find the DVD set (and that can be a big if nowadays) I highly recommend picking it up.

BSG2.5 and TDU

Ahh, acronyms…

Yesterday saw the release of the second half of season two of Battlestar Galactica, which has to be the most absurd way to release a season of a television show. Many who know me know that I think Battlestar Galactica (the new series) is possibly the best television show done by man, and the second half of season two does not disappoint.

While I was there at Best Buy, I decided to pick up Test Drive Unlimited for the 360. The demos really do not do this game justice, as many of my friends have claimed. It’s a total blast to be able to have free-for-all access to the entire collection of Hawaii roadways presented by this game. This is like a guy’s Pokemon in a sense, where the “gotta catch em all” phrase can be applied to the many vehicles the game lets you buy and race.

The free roaming nature of the game is the one thing Project Gotham Racing 3 lacks. For all of PGR3’s incredible visuals and sim-ish racing dynamics, you’re unable to just take a car out for a spin on the streets of the different locations. Here you can conceivably drive around for hours and hours (like in real life I suppose), taking in the nice visuals of the island and its assorted locales. I’ll have to put up a review of this one in the Games section after I spend some more time with it.