Warp Drive Active Podcast #31

Warp Drive Active PodcastEvery week in the Warp Drive Active PodCast Winterblink (The Canadian) and Urban Mongral (the Brit) will bring you the goings on in EVE (except for the stuff we miss, forget or deliberately ignore).

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Show31, EPIC FAIL turns into EPIC WIN.

EVE Files Mirror praise be to Chribba!

Looks like some members former members of IAC were not happy with Tyraxx’s return to power, so they formed Odyssey Alliance. They have then headed off to Period Basis to join Tortuga. The rumor mill suggest that IAC will not take this lying down.

The MC head up north to take on PURE. Unfortunatly dj wif, one of their neighbors from Hydra, losses his Iteron MK 3 filled with some expensive bling at a MC gate gank.

In the north, the Morsus Mihi and Outbreak war grinds on. nobody seems to be in much of a rush.

Tri and KIA go to war with each other, for no good reason. Given that they live miles from each other and are busy with their own games, we don’t expect to see a lot of fighting.

In Discussion point this week, Council of Stellar Management voting begins on the 5th May.

We are still pretty much unsure about this, but we will hopefully help with debates from the candidates. Still the council is getting some attention from mainstream news.

Also check out the Video from fanfest presented by Xhagen and Dr EyjoG.

For Homework this week Urban would like you to read Matter by Iain M Banks. The final Culture novel he will write.

Join our GAX Group Pretty please with nuts on top! And while your there, check out TimMC’s awesome post. with its awesome graph!

Want to check out just how good EVE new graphics look on a high end rig? check out Lacrimosa the new video for Dire Lauthris. Looks like Loxy has competition!

Good job on the Touramentto everyone involved. Make sure you check out http://www.eve-online.com/evetv/tunein.asp the amaizing final match. Congratz to Evoke

We welcome one of New Edens finest composers, Alienhand onto the show, and we discuss his music and inspirations

Lead out tune ‘Forever Lost (Introless)’ by AlienHand.

Beyond that, just the usual random sidetrackage, gibbering and tinfoil hattery.