Fanfest 2007: EVE Novel

It’s early morning and I haven’t gone for breakfast, but CrazyKinux asked for some more info on the EVE novel. 🙂

There wasn’t a lot of information on it given for obvious reasons, but here’s what I can remember.

  • Final submitted manuscript was over 500 pages long
  • There are 74 chapters (!!)
  • Conflict between the factions, especially Minmatar vs Amarr, is pivotal
  • Jove apparently play a small role, but no information could be given as to what that is
  • Meant to coincide with game enhancements, though no definite answers given as to which enhancements those are (for obvious reasons)
  • CCP apparently has laid the legal groundwork just in case the book is optioned for a movie, so hooray for thinking ahead and lets be hopeful
  • Some kind of teaser copy will be available at Fanfest for day 2 (gotta get my hands on one of these
  • Open-ended, leaving room for potential sequels though none are being planned at this time

That’s about all I can think of. Rest assured I’ll be picking up a copy or three. Tony’s reading was, as I stated in my last entry, gripping. The man’s amazing, and even the preview reading of one chapter shows that the quality of the writing is going to be top notch.

Going to run and get cleaned up now, get something to eat, then get ready to head out. More later as I can get it to you. 🙂

Fanfest 2007: Day One

Finally Up in the AirGot to Iceland in the early hours of the morning to a hotel room that wasn’t ready, so I sat around in the restaurant at the Grand writing the next installments of Nature Vraie. Once that was all set (upgraded room too, wheee), I crashed for a couple of hours and set my Nintendo DS’s alarm to wake me up at 1330h so I could sneak in some lunch before going to the FF Venue.

Finally made my way to the Venue (can never get the name right so I’m not even going to try) after a quick bite to eat, got myself signed in and met up with my fellow MC pilots after running into a few CCP folks. The new venue’s a bit more spaced out, with areas on different floors. It’s a bit tougher than last year to “take it all in” at once, but the organization makes a lot of sense given the increase in people.

Lots of socializing ensued, but I managed to get in on Valerie Massey’s Creating a Fansite lecture, and Tony Gonzales’ lecture about the upcoming EVE novel. The Fansite lecture was pretty basic, but covered some initial points that are pretty important for folks who might be considering starting a fansite and getting that fansite integrated into EVE Online’s official list. It was a bit quick, but then the audience for it would be limited of course.

Tony Gonzales has been involved in the EVE prime fiction since forever, and is responsible for so much backstory it’s not even funny. The man is, in a word, awesome. I met him last year and was totally take aback by his candor and intelligence, and his approach to his work. He’s someone that I try to aspire to be as I write Nature Vraie. To see him read a chapter from the upcoming novel (due to be released June 19th, if I remember what he said correctly) was chilling and amazing. This is going to be a must buy for anyone interested in EVE’s fiction, whether they play the game or not.

The weather’s been interesting. It started out cool but relatively calm, then later ended up bleak and windy as hell, including some freezing rain. Pretty Canada-like all around, except for the insane wind. The five minute walk between the hotels and the Venue feels a lot longer because of that. Good thing I brought lots of layers.

Day 1’s usually the meet and greet day, and it served its purpose wonderfully. The main meat of things comes in the next couple of days, since some people were still flying in late in the day. Stay tuned for more information, and as always check my Flickr site for my ongoing pictures from the event.

Side note: I’ve also opened up the comments somewhat on this site, you don’t have to register fully in order to post just provide a name and valid email along with a comment.

Made it to Iceland

Well I’m finally in Iceland.

Hotel took like 3-4 HOURS to get a room organized for me but I got a nice one. Pics coming. Sleep first. Already been running into media folks, players, and CCP people (Pann’s everywhere it seems).

Sleep. Haven’t slept in 24+ hours. More later including some pics. 🙂

EVE Fanfest 2007

Well I figure it’s about time I dropped a note about what I’ll be up to this year in Iceland during Fanfest 2007.

Some may remember my Fanfest Galleries from last year, consisting of a pile of photos I took while in Iceland during Fanfest 2006. This year I’m going to be doing the same, but instead of waiting until I get home to prep the pictures for viewing online I’ll be doing more of a live thing this year.

I kinda got the idea while I was doing the photoblogging of the EVE 4th Alliance Tournament, putting stuff up almost as it was happening on a special Flickr gallery. I wanted to do something like this last year but the missing link was having no hardware while on site.

Well, I just received a brand new Dell Inspiron 1420 (separate blog coming with specs and pics and stuff), which means I’ll have a PC with me in Iceland to do this with, which is something I didn’t have last year. This will let me blog the events and get pictures up in a much more timely fashion. Now it’s not like I’m going to be a gargoyle or anything (reference from Snow Crash if you’re scratching your head), but time and alcohol permitting I hope to have pictures up as rapidly as I can for folks who are unable to make it to the party this year.

I really enjoyed being able to bring the close-up Tournament experience to folks who were only able to watch it via the EVE TV camera streams, and the response I got from players was nothing short of amazing. I only hope this year at Fanfest I’ll be able to help bring the experience home for those who aren’t able to join us in Iceland.

EVE Fanfest 2007 announced!

Here’s a link to the announcement post on the EVE forums.

For those who haven’t made it to one of these, they’re absolutely incredible. They gave some great advance notice this year, so plan ahead with vacation and cash. It’s well worth the effort, Iceland’s a beautiful country, and it’s amazing visiting with a ton of people who share the same passion for EVE.

My gallery’s still online, so hit this link and take a look at what you missed last year.

Picture reactions, and Warp Drive Active

Wow. The reactions I’ve been getting from folks about the EVE Fanfest pictures has been absolutely amazing. I’m beyond happy that I was able to bring a piece of the Fanfest that I experienced to all of you, and thanks for the very kind words. Over the next several days I’ll be in there adding descriptions and such to the images (which will be visible when the image is viewed full size) so as to provide a bit more insight into what’s what, and who’s who.

Warp Drive Active is going through some fun right now, my host has had some security issues so I can no longer do what I do to get the comments component working again. They’re looking into the problem, so sit tight.

Thanks to a suggestion from one WDA reader, I’ve created a blog category here on the site for Warp Drive Active. If you click it on the right, you’ll only see blog entries about WDA. Why should this matter? I’ll be announcing new additions when they happen, so if you’re a big fan of RSS aggregation (and who isn’t), then you can subscribe to the provided RSS feed to keep in the loop about when new comics are added.

I’ll get an RSS button setup on the WDA site this weekend hopefully, as well as start something similar for EVE: Nature Vraie. Hope that helps some of you out, and thanks for the suggestion.

Back from Fanfest 2006

God. What an amazing event. I got back yesterday morning from the EVE Fanfest 2006, and my mind is still digesting the experience. I’m writing up a humongous post for the EVE forums that I’ll mirror here somewhere, as well as a massive picture dump showing all the craziness that went on. Well not ALL of it 🙂 but the stuff that’s fit for display. Coming soon, once I finish organizing my thoughts and pictures.

Awesome time… I’m so happy to have met everyone that I did.