Leaving Today For Home

Just lazing around my hotel lobby right now, got another hour and a half or so to go until my taxi shows up to take me to the airport.

Put up a few pics last night before I hit the sack, just of a small wandering excursion I did in the area around the hotel. I’d wanted to see more of the sightseeing type things, but I managed to come down with a cold here on my last days so I haven’t been up to much. At least that waited until after the party was done. Oh well, next year I’ll plan things a bit better. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Leaving Today For Home

  1. Next year mate….I hope to see you there myself!

    It’s a long (and pricey!) way from Australia but it would be an honor to partay und boogey with you and the MC lads!

    Nice blog and pictures of the event! Makes me all the more excited about the prospect of being there next year!


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