On Mastodon

It’s been fascinating to watch recent events in the social media sphere, and even more fascinating to start working with Mastodon. There’s something about independent, open-source platforms that attracts me to see how they compare to their more centralized, commercial counterparts.

There are some interesting differences with Mastodon that set itself apart from services such as Twitter, and I’ll admit those differences tend to make it a hell of an onboarding challenge. There’s no central instance of it, so you can make an account on any of the federated Mastodon services out there and still will be able to connect to the broader whole. This means you can choose a server that most closely aligns with your own personal community needs. Each instance can have its own content policies. You’re also able to migrate from one instance to another freely, which is handy if the instance you were on somehow drifts away from what you consider to be acceptable.

It’s neat and it’s new, a bit complicated to get yourself set up but maybe it will replace something like Twitter. At the very least it could help to improve the social media situation through some thoughtful principles.

If you’d like to check me out on Mastodon, feel free to use the link below. If you decide to join up, follow away.