Trinity Patch Notes

EVE Trinity LogoFor those looking for something to read as we lead up to the impending release of EVE Trinity, check out the patch notes here and here. It’s a huge read, and chances are if you first looked at it when it they first released the notes you might want to take a look, because they’ve been making some changes. Here’s a doozy:

NPC bounties are no longer delivered when you kill an NPC but rather 15-20 minutes after you kill your first NPC in a system.

That makes no damn sense, which probably means it’s part of the “Need for Speed” initiative. Very strange.

Anyway, remember to set a super long skill to train, because there’s going to be a 24 hour downtime for Trinity’s deployment. Always err on the side of caution and set something longer than that, like by a factor of a couple of days.

And if you’re looking for something to do during that downtime, hit the Warp Drive Active comics, or

EVE Online in the NYT

Just a quick morning tidbit here, but there’s a new article at the New York Times about EVE. Give it a read here. Here’s one interesting quote:

“We did a survey in our database at the point of the controversy, and it turned out there were actually more CCP employees in GoonSwarm than in BOB,” Mr. Petursson said yesterday.

Not sure, but this may be a good time to invest in the tinfoil industry. 🙂

EVE Trinity-a-thon

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Holy crap. Trinity-ness everywhere.

First up the new full trailer for Trinity is out. Get it here.

Second, a test build including the new art assets is live on Singularity, to get on there and play around with all the new stuff. It’s awfully pretty, and I’ve stuck a set of photos of it on Flickr here.

I’ve only been messing around with things so far but I’m liking all the UI improvements as well as the pretty new graphics. It’s quite amazing, and has to be the best stuff I’ve seen in any MMO to date.

EVE-ish Updates

Yep, I know, I missed this week’s comic. Had some other EVE-related business to take care of that made the weekend pretty busy.

The EVE Online: Trinity features page is finally online, complete with a features list, video interviews with the developers working on the project, and some sexy new wallpapers. This is awesome stuff, and I highly recommend you go check it out.

Fanfest Pics from Last Year

I figured I might as well migrate the pictures from my website to Flickr, so if you’re curious how Fanfest was last year then feel free to head over to my Fanfest 2006 photo set.

EVE TV’s been adding a whole ton of videos recorded during Fanfest this year, so head over to their Fanfest video page here and check them out. So far they’ve been putting in the lecture videos, but hopefully they put all the interviews and random goofy stuff from throughout the weekend there as well.

Post-Fanfest Depression

Sad PandaAnyone else suffering from this as well? Happened last year for me too, and it’s one of those things that folks who’ve gone to Fanfest for the first time probably are going through and wondering “What the hell?”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I never want Fanfest to end while I’m there. Iceland’s such a cool country to visit (no pun intended), with interesting people. It’s awesome to meet all the developers and shake their hand, and to meet all the players who come from every corner of the world and share the same common ground as you: a thorough enjoyment of EVE. Going home from that to your regular life is actually pretty tough, especially leaving all your new found and long time friends.

Maybe I should start a support group about this. 🙂