Ye Olde Reviews

Neth’Rae on the EVE Forums stumbled on the really old Gamespot review of EVE Online, and started a thread on the forums about it.  It’s a hilarious view of EVE from five years ago, for a lot of reasons.

The biggest issue with that review is that it was done at a time when reviewers didn’t take a lot of time to go through a MMO before putting a review online.  It was more about being first to publish than being accurate and serving the audience.

That review is what, five years old now?  Of course it’s totally out of date with the way the game is today, and if rushed or done in a guided fashion instead of from the same perspective as a brand spanking new players (not unusual for reviewers to get more advanced characters to show off later features in MMOs) then the review’s going to be totally inaccurate.  Like say for example, the EVE review. 🙂

It’s not entirely without merit, I mean lets face it — at launch, EVE had a bunch of shortcomings, and it had them for quite a while.  In the same breath, there was (and still to this day) no other MMO quite like it.

If EVE was released today, you probably wouldn’t see the big review sites like 1UP and such putting out reviews for a few weeks post launch, to give people a good idea of how the retail version is.  GiantBomb for instance has been doing Warhammer impressions on a weekly basis after launch (they did two I’ve watched, presumably more are available), so that they can give ongoing indications of how the game is progressing for them as players.

Anyway yeah, that old review is a fun one to read every now and then.  At the very least it shows how far the game’s come in the years it’s been out and worked on by CCP.

Source: Old Gamespot EVE Review – Hilarious! 😀

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