Finally, A Return to Blogging

Did you know it’s been eight years since my past post here on my personal blog? Crazy, hey? I figured it’s time to break that streak and make a few changes around here that might facilitate some more frequent posting.

Things are still a bit lightweight around here. The look and feel will get tweaked over time, and I’ll start building out some additional pages, but overall it will be nice to have a proper home to start blogging again.

So what sort of crap should you expect here? Most who know me know that I play a lot of video games, and love movies and music. I’m a big sci-fi nerd, so expect there to be a heavy slant in that direction as well. Who knows though, so expect this to be a variety blog filled with random things.

From a technical perspective, I decided to relocate the blog from self hosted WordPress to for simplicity’s sake; they can manage all the usual security and theme updates for me without me so I can focus on the writing part. Hopefully that works out well.

So welcome! I hope I can keep things interesting for everyone.

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