Holiday Funs

Hey all, just giving a shout out to everyone to hope everyone had a good Christmas, and that their New Years Eve celebrations are safe and fun.

Been pretty busy as of late, hence why things like the WDA podcast have faltered. Well, that’s a joint issue between Urban and I really, work’s been kicking his ass and mine lately, and when real life rears its ugly head then other commitments have to fall by the wayside.

Gaming wise, been fiddling around with EVE a bit, not too terribly much because of the holidays and all. Generally been on a Christmas break like a lot of folks, messing around more with my PS3 and enjoying games like Resistance 2 thoroughly. The online modes of that game are a blast.

And today I wake up with the sniffles, so hopefully I can kick that by the 31st because that will totally put a damper on things.

Anyway, what did everyone end up getting for Christmas? I got the usual stuff, plus the collector’s edition of The Dark Knight on Bluray (the one with the Batpod model), and a copy of Prince of Persia for the PS3.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Funs

  1. Good wishes for the new year to you as well, WB! Nice Christmas on this end, quiet, simple, spent with family. We don’t go crazy with spending at Christmas, but I got a lot of neat stuff I wanted. The standouts: 1) Two hand towels embroidered with “Minmatar Republic” and the Minmatar logo…unique and so cool! 2) Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 by Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors. It’s gorgeous…trying to enjoy it in a leisurely fashion but difficult not to want to devour it as fast as possible! 3) A book called Hi-Color for Comics, a really good guide to digital colorization of comic line art.

    Looking forward to the next WDA when your RL schedules make it possible.


  2. Happy Holidays mate! Been busy with the new job and other commitments as well, which explains the lack of posts on my part as well as a complete halt on the podcasting side. Should all get back to a normal schedule soon, when the New Year shows up!

    Till then, get better and see you in New Eden!


  3. Got a copy of We Ski for the Wii (go figure), surprisingly fun, as well as a game called Guinness World Records or something (also wii), also surprisingly fun. Of course my wife set the US record on one of the games her first try, so either she’s really good, or nobody else plays it much…



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