Alliance Tournament VI Details

Well people have been wondering whether a new tournament was going to happen, and the answer is here: Alliance Tournament VI is happening.  There’s been some considerable changes to the format this time.

The traditional bracket system tournament will be done away with, in favour of a system that allows a larger number of alliances to compete meaningfully in the same time frame. A slightly modified Swiss System tournament will be used for qualifying, with a single elimination tournament occurring on the final weekend.

One of the biggest complaints from the last tournament was the limited number of spots, so that should at least help alliances get in that would like to compete.

It looks like in general the format of the competition itself is pretty similar to the last tournaments, but I haven’t had a chance to give it a thorough comparison.

Click on for more details:

Dev Blog on Alliance Tournament VI

Alliance Tournament VI Format

Alliance Tournament VI Official Rules

One thought on “Alliance Tournament VI Details

  1. And there was much rejoicing 😀

    So when Mindstar says “Would you like to watch?”… that means EveTV right? But only for the final weekend?

    Still, Alliance Tourneys are always cool. Can’t say I’m at all disappointed or annoyed by this announcement 🙂


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