Mail Changes in QR 1.0.1

Get ready for a few changes with regards to that giant pile of EVEmails you have sitting around in your inbox.

To address performance issues in EVE we are making some changes to the EVE Mail system in Quantum Rise 1.0.1. You will now be able to fetch up to 1000 undeleted EVE Mails, however, EVE Mail number 1001 and beyond will not be fetched, whether it has been read or not. To gain access to those EVE Mails, you must delete newer EVE mails. In addition to this all EVE Mails sent by NPCs that are older than 3 months will be deleted.

For those of you stashing old CONCORD killmails, now is the time to do a bit of housecleaning. That, or hit the forums and voice your opinion on the change.  Click below.

Source: EVE Mail changes to come in EVE Online: Quantum Rise 1.0.1

3 thoughts on “Mail Changes in QR 1.0.1

  1. 1000 unread but not deleted evemails? I”m sorry, is CCP stuck on stupid? This doesn’t come anywhere near whats needed.

    Eve University can get hundreds of applications a week and and every personnel manager plus the directors gets a copy of the application. Shift-A delete ftw, but this makes the personal inbox entirely useless because everything gets bulk deleted on a daily basis, multiple times a day to cut down on inbox clutter.

    Firstly, they need to allow us to opt out of evemail spam. Second, they need filters to organise the mail and not the half way method thats used for notes, the buddy list and to a degree, bookmarks where you creat a folder and move things into it only to still have a master list. The only buddies I have on my list are the 100+ WT’s that has to get cleared in preparation for the next war.

    Evemail needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up. I wish I could find the post I saw a year ago about how they were going to try and manage it as a real client with real mail features and this is th best theyve come up with? They’ve publicly complained about how they themselves have a hard time dealing with it and I can’t wait for more meaningful changes.


    It’s a start and I wait with baited breath for WIS to change how a few things work, least of which one thing being, how the evemail system works. Some saving grace in that they at least looked at it for this patch. Maybe now when I log off for 3 days and have to select all mail, I won’t have to wait five minutes for the delete option to show up in the menu. Oh, and I don’t want to form a fleet with every single person who’s sent an evemail, automated or not…




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