Massive Gamer Magazine Debuts

MMOs are a tricky beast to cover. The usual gaming media sites are general purpose, and that’s just fine, but those of us who play MMOs know how different they can be from regular games.

Enter a new player in that arena, Massive Gamer Magazine. Brand spanking new, it’s both a website for ongoing MMO news, and a monthly magazine.

It’s not being run by just anyone.  Dana Massey (formerly of and Warcry) is taking the reins, along with an impressive co-pilot:

I’ll be joined by Sanya Weathers, known to many by her maiden name Thomas. Sanya was the Director of Community Relations for Mythic Entertainment and is known throughout the industry for her wit, sharp tongue and no nonsense attitude.

Things just went live, but coverage is already very active.  Check it out!

Source: Massive Gamer Magazine

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