Easily Avoid Jita.. Finally!

Circumvent the Raging WatersIt looks like CCP’s doing something to help out everyone who “accidentally” makes their way into Jita during peak periods, and ends up getting stuck and/or suffering from massive amounts of lag. In addition to the recent (and temporary) system cap on the number of pilots present, they’ve just released a new dev blog detailing some upcoming changes to autopilot routing: an Avoidance List.

We have a new feature in place that allows players to set a list of systems, constellations and regions that the autopilot should never send them to. This list is preconfigured to avoid the Jita system.

I can think of a lot of really good reasons for this. Really great news, and a long time coming.

Source: Dev Blog “A Tale of Two Cities”

5 thoughts on “Easily Avoid Jita.. Finally!

  1. I’d be more interested in seeing a concerted yet reasonable effort to break the log jam that is Jita.

    Break the system up through some means and scatter the stations most heavily visited to surrounding systems — somewhere around 6 jumps away.

    Same for Rens. Hubs are nice, but holy mother of crap can they be annoying.

    If storyline is important play up some corp rivalry crap or something along the lines of corporations running out of funds and having to consolidate to systems that charge less for rent. Anyone who’s rented a station or worked for an American financial institution in the last ten years could tell you that wouldn’t be that far from believable.

    Just my 2 cents.


  2. It’s a good step. Glad to see they’re doing things like this – and yeah, even the pop limit – to solve the problems. Personally I prefer other trade hubs, so the Jita thing is less of an issue for me though.


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