EVE Ship Models In the Wild

Recluse Viramor has received a nice new Megathron model from the CCP Store, and has been gracious enough to post a pile of pictures online for us all to gaze in awe at.

The bluey-ness of the ship is caused by a matte finish reflecting the wonderfully clear day outside, so it’s not like the model is painted that way.  It seems the models are as reflective of their environment as the ships are in the game.  Very cool.

Also, these things are monsters!  Looks like you get what you pay for. A lot of people have expressed concerns over the expense of these things, but given the size and detailing I think it’s pretty justified.

Source: EVE Online Megathron Battleship Model

5 thoughts on “EVE Ship Models In the Wild

  1. They’re absolutely gorgeous, but when I read the word ‘model,’ I think ‘box full of pieces that you spend hundreds of meticulous hours assembling with specialized glues and oh-so-carefully painting.’

    If I had the money for it, I’d be buying these things and sitting them all over the house, creating epic battle dioramas from the back yard to the attic, mind you! Even so, it seems a little… I don’t know, incomplete maybe? to not be able to really build the thing yourself.


  2. Wow, that looks really impressive, I remember looking at the images in the Eve store and thinking ‘What a rip off’. But that’s because the pictures on the site never conveyed the scale of the models, that one looks brilliant although probably a bit big for me. Finding space for 4 of those things around the house would be challenging 😀

    BTW mate, on your blog-roll you might want to amend my URL so that it filters based on the Eve tag, or you’ll end up with lots of personal stuff nobody cares about. Try the URL : http://hygelac.livejournal.com/tag/eve



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