Ship Models… DO WANT

A lot of people on the EVE forums spotted this link about a bunch of pictures of EVE ships that have been made into scale models. The link is to the Chinese version of the EVE site, and appears to show two entirely awesome models, one for the Raven (“faction version” according to one pic) and one for the Megathron.

I think back years ago when the first guy suggested on the EVE forums that CCP should really push for model or model kits of some kind. The designs of EVE ships are amazing, and really lend themselves well to collectables like models. Nothing ever surfaced though.

Serenity Steele had this to say in the resulting thread on the EVE forums:

Very nice. I doubt they’re one-offs, because why would you create a plastic injection mould for only producing 2 stands.

I’m inclined to agree. It seems like a lot of work to make just a couple of prototypes if you’re not going to go all the way.

So what do you think? A future item for the EVE store? If so, what would you buy? All of them or just your favorite ships?

UPDATE: Did you guys see this? 😀

12 thoughts on “Ship Models… DO WANT

  1. Rifter. Or a Wolf. I’d buy two in a heartbeat.

    Maybe a Typhoon or a Muninn. Just the ships I like to fly, I doubt I’d buy something I couldn’t.


  2. I would want a Cynabal, Rapier, Vagabond, Muninn, and Hurricane (in that order). Just what I need for that empty space on the shelf next to my desk. Those models are so cool!


  3. HAY!

    Mister What’s His Face I Wrote A Book About EvE *did* say hello to you. 😛

    That and he said you were a nice guy. Tooooootally doesn’t know you! Muah. 😉


  4. While it is true that you wont: “create a plastic injection mould for only producing 2 stands” it´s entirely possiple that those 2 ships have been produced using rapid prototyping technology.
    Way higher costs per cm³, but no need to create a mould for it. Therefor perfectly suited for small number productions like, for example stuff to give away on special occasion . . .
    Dont get me wrong, i´d love to buy some of those, but pls dont get too hyped up about them.
    The fastest way to get some of those is most likely to talk to a RP-shop near you and paint the by yourself. ^^


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