The EVE Compendium

Head on over to this thread for LogixCraft’s super-sized EVE Compendium.

This is an utterly gigantic 800+ page PDF file that is a compilation of guides related to EVE Online. To say this is impressive is an understatement, you just have to see it to believe it. N1fty put it best in the thread:

We just need some sort of machine to inject this into newbies skulls when they start playing and were set!

So true.

One thought on “The EVE Compendium

  1. Yeah it’s huge… more useful to people wanting to get deeper in the game rather than to complete noobs, as it would scare the hell out of them to read an 800+ page guide do play the game 🙂

    But as a resource to regular players it’s pretty handy in my opinion. Also available in the forums is a similar project on compiling the background story available in chronicles and articles on the EVE website. Here

    you can find links for the first part (compiled by turnshuh) and for the second part of the available compilations (compiled by me).


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