Overview Enhancements Coming

Thank Cthulhu, these are a loooooooong time coming. CCP Tuxford started a new dev blog about some coming changes in the next patch having to do with the overview.

When someone uses either an EWAR module or propulsion jamming module on you, an icon is displayed in the corresponding overview entry. The types are aggregated so if “Joe” is using 4 sensor dampeners on you you only get one icon. Also lacking is a gauge of how much effect the EW is having on you.

So we can finally quickly see who’s doing what to us in the middle of those crazy frantic fights. No more spinning the camera around wildly looking for the effects and who’s emanating them.

Also coming, overview tabs with unique settings for each, and bracket filtering so you an finally not see icons in space that you don’t want to see. Pretty sweet stuff, I can’t wait. 🙂

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