Just wanted to drop a note to everyone to wish a happy holidays (winter solstice, festivus, christmas, whatever) to you and your families. I’ll be pretty busy over the next little while with stuff so I won’t even get time to do a new comic this weekend or play much EVE.

Try not to eat too much turkey!

3 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Well, yesterday it was duck and pork roast… tomorrow it will just be pork roast (as you know, celebrating Christmas twice). Had cool presents already. All is well.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Mr. Blinkychu/Winterbling. Have fun on the other side of those mountains 😉


  2. Hi Mike,

    Very long time no talk. 🙂 I have finally given up on City of Heroes, and am now playing WoW with a friend from the east coast.

    I recently took advantage of the 9.95 deal to stick my nose back into Eve, but found they are restricting what I can do even though I am a returning player, so I am thinking they can kiss my butt…

    Lol I don’t remember how to do anything including log out of the game.



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