Visiting New Eden

Last Jump to New EdenI occasionally do this, but I figured yesterday after Trinity’s deployment was as good a time as any. I took a swing by New Eden to visit the EVE Gate and snap some photos with the new engine. Click the picture or here for the start of the short series.

It’s pretty neat to visit the area, it’s lowsec space and is fairly unusual. There’s not a lot of stations, usually some interesting things to look at near the jumpgates, and when you get to New Eden itself you’re rewarded with the swirling vortex of the EVE Gate, which screenshots barely do justice.

4 thoughts on “Visiting New Eden

  1. Lol….For a second I thought that Augusto’s comment went like this: “Careful though. I found out last night that looking at the eve gate erases your computers boot.ini file.”

    LOOK AWAY!!!!

    Did the view of the eve gate improve with the upgrade?


  2. LOL!!!

    As for the view…i dont know, my crappy computer cant handle it so im stuck with classic.

    As for the issue. yeah its easily fixable. you just have to create a new boot.ini file. There is a thread on the forums on how to create a new one, but i forgot the link. It just sucks for the thousands of people that turned off their computers before being notified not to. I was one of the fortunate ones where it didn’t erase mine.


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