EVE Online in the NYT

Just a quick morning tidbit here, but there’s a new article at the New York Times about EVE. Give it a read here. Here’s one interesting quote:

“We did a survey in our database at the point of the controversy, and it turned out there were actually more CCP employees in GoonSwarm than in BOB,” Mr. Petursson said yesterday.

Not sure, but this may be a good time to invest in the tinfoil industry. 🙂

One thought on “EVE Online in the NYT

  1. HAHAH!

    I love this bit:

    “For at least a year the most powerful group in Eve has been an alliance known as Band of Brothers, a self-appointed evil empire with the stated objective of taking over the galaxy. Against them is arrayed a motley batch of self-styled freedom fighters with names like the Red Alliance (mostly Russian), Tau Ceti Federation (mostly French), GoonSwarm (mostly obnoxious) and the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (mostly drunk).”

    Methinks that this writer might have had a few clicks in EVE in his time. I sink he noez too much ya? ‘

    And December 5th hey? Sounds good to me!

    By the way Winterblink…I’d like to shoot you an email about you blog. I’ve got some niggling questions. Drop me a line on the email I have registered with this comment.


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