Post-Fanfest Depression

Sad PandaAnyone else suffering from this as well? Happened last year for me too, and it’s one of those things that folks who’ve gone to Fanfest for the first time probably are going through and wondering “What the hell?”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I never want Fanfest to end while I’m there. Iceland’s such a cool country to visit (no pun intended), with interesting people. It’s awesome to meet all the developers and shake their hand, and to meet all the players who come from every corner of the world and share the same common ground as you: a thorough enjoyment of EVE. Going home from that to your regular life is actually pretty tough, especially leaving all your new found and long time friends.

Maybe I should start a support group about this. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Post-Fanfest Depression

  1. I didnt go to the fanfest for the sole reason of I never travelled by air.

    I hugely regret that, roll-on london meets i suppose oh and next year fanfest. 😀


  2. I had a really hard time not ranting about it every time some poor sod at work asked me how vacation went. I see the glaze over of the eyes, and I just want to creep away.

    For me, the last two days were weird – I had been hanging out in Iceland with players I met and friended there. They went home, and I was sort of wandering around sadly. I hate the feeling of meeting cool people, and knowing it is entirely likely you will never physically see them again.


  3. How about depression from not being able to go? I am going next year though. Even if i have to stow away in someones suitcase.


  4. Blah blah blah, remember you guys actually got to go!! What are you complaining about?

    What! Are you telling me that you miss being surrounded by hundred of kindred spirits, who understand and share a common passion, whom you’ve spent hours interacting and accomplishing things together, while at the same time being under the influence of colored intoxicating beverages bringing into a higher mental state of social outwardness….

    ….only to return to the cold harsh world of reality and the daily grind of life. Mmmmm, ok maybe I’d feel under the weather also!


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