Major Nelson Podcast Ridiculousness

For those who haven’t seen the story yet, check out the story on Kotaku called Major Nelson Mocks Gamers, Undermines Position.

In summary, essentially we have another case of Xbox Live’s Major Nelson teaming up with the simply-named “e” to marginalize player opinions once more. Personally, I’ve had it with the Major Nelson cast. The following is a post that I made no the Major Nelson blog.

“MN: Damage done, to be honest I’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time now and will probably not continue. I’ll still use your site for news of upcoming 360 and Live content of course.

Any time I’ve ever heard e on the podcast the two of you are usually addressing something to do with a Live update, some special bit of content, etc. That’s fine. But when addressing the concerns of Live’s paying customers the two of you frequently come off with a very condescending tone that’ll usually have me stopping listening to it.

I know you’re human, I know you’re trying to inject humor into it, but this kind of thing has been going on for a while now. That is, the marginalizing of the opinion of your consumers. Nobody’s asking that MS and the 360 developers bend over a barrel for every wish that everything be free, only that someone somewhere listens to us telling you that we’d have less of a problem purchasing content digitally if it was priced reasonably when taken in context with the content itself.

The problem is nobody sees that happening when time after time the consumer is given content which is unreasonably priced. It reads like we’re not getting heard, that developers are greedy, and faith is lost.

Anyway, just my opinion that I wanted to share, because I do see the value in the things that you do.”

I’m sure nothing will come of it, that no response will be garnered from Nelson himself, and that the various Xbots out there will flame the bejesus out of it, but oh well. This is just bad community relations, and at the very least he should be aware of how the consumer feels.

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