Post patch forum funnies

Man, I tell you some of the best entertainment can be found on the EVE forums these days, now that the Kali 1 patch has been put in. It’s been a week, and the forums are a total clusterfrack of people whinging over every… single… thing. I mean come on. News flash: there’s a ton of new content, enjoy it. Learn to use it, interact with it, adapt to it. That’s EVE.

If you’re an EVE player who’s recently come to it from another game, this is something you have to deal with in EVE that you won’t have to in other games. EVE is deep and complex, and continues to get more and more deep and complex with every patch. Most games just tack on side content that’s optional, here the changes affect the world. Like real life, you know?

So take a breath and relax, give things a few weeks and I think you’ll find things aren’t quite so bad as you might be thinking.

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