Picture reactions, and Warp Drive Active

Wow. The reactions I’ve been getting from folks about the EVE Fanfest pictures has been absolutely amazing. I’m beyond happy that I was able to bring a piece of the Fanfest that I experienced to all of you, and thanks for the very kind words. Over the next several days I’ll be in there adding descriptions and such to the images (which will be visible when the image is viewed full size) so as to provide a bit more insight into what’s what, and who’s who.

Warp Drive Active is going through some fun right now, my host has had some security issues so I can no longer do what I do to get the comments component working again. They’re looking into the problem, so sit tight.

Thanks to a suggestion from one WDA reader, I’ve created a blog category here on the site for Warp Drive Active. If you click it on the right, you’ll only see blog entries about WDA. Why should this matter? I’ll be announcing new additions when they happen, so if you’re a big fan of RSS aggregation (and who isn’t), then you can subscribe to the provided RSS feed to keep in the loop about when new comics are added.

I’ll get an RSS button setup on the WDA site this weekend hopefully, as well as start something similar for EVE: Nature Vraie. Hope that helps some of you out, and thanks for the suggestion.

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