Wallet Abuse

Well it’s November finally, and we’re in the home stretch leading into Christmas where everyone and everything will try to dig deeply into the wallet. First up apparently is the Xbox 360, with a bunch of really nifty releases coming out this month including Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas. Having played a ton of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, I have to say that I now look forward to practically anything Ubisoft is set to release. These guys really know what they’re doing on the platform.

Back playing EVE with some regularity again. It’s good to be back in the nether regions of the game, making money and acquiring some “phat lewt”. With all the changes coming in Kali it’s tough to decide on what skills to train, but thankfully my character’s got the prerequisites for most of the new content already trained up.

With the EVE Fanfest right around the corner, I’m sure some tasty bits of information will trickle out from attending folks about where the game is headed. If it’s anything like the last couple of fanfests, the information should be very tasty indeed, for fans of the game.

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