Warhammer Online: Impressions, Part 1

Everyone knows I’m an EVE nut, but overall I’m a big fan of the MMO genre. As such, I like to give every game a fair shake, and where possible I try to do so at launch.

Age of Conan (AoC) is one that I got on day one, and was largely disappointed with the result. The lore of Conan is deep, but while playing the game I just didn’t feel the connection to it, and the gameplay didn’t seem to have the depth to keep me hooked.

Now with Warhammer Online (WAR) out, we have a game which is based on the ridiculously successful Warhammer table-top game, which I admittedly never got into (my wallet is thankful for that).  Early media previews dubbed it a World of Warcraft (WoW) killer, and that always freaks me out because it usually means “WoW clone”.  But click onward, and read about my first impressions of this hotly anticipated MMO.

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