The Joy of the Nuke

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you head on to Steam and purchase DEFCON. This is a brilliant thermonuclear war strategy game, from the folks who brought us the insanely great Darwinia.

The retro style and simple premise do not imply the underlying complexities of planning to kill millions of people in your opponents’ countries. The game is instantly easy to get into, but working up effective and unique strategies can be an entirely rewarding and challenging experience. It’s like Risk in a way, except at the end the death toll is usually in the hundred million plus range. Check it out, and look me up if you’re online and want a match. I’ll give you two guesses what my Steam name is.

New Nature Vraie, errata.

Nature Vraie 9 is now up, go check it out. So far the response has been very positive indeed.

I was watching the latest WWDC conference video at the Apple website after hearing so much fluff on Slashdot about Steve Jobs apparently losing his flair. I have to agree with the sentiments of others, that this is a developer’s conference. They’re more interested in things they can use more than the typical whiz-bang niftiness that usually comes out during an Apple keynote.

Still, there were plenty of interesting items shown, especially those having to do with Leopard. That Time Warp demo looked fairly compelling, but while the ability to go “back in time” to see the state of any folder or file that was changed and resurrect that to the present is interesting, I have to worry about performance on my G5 Mac. And one of the little asides they showed was the new updated iChat client (which I never seem to use). The ability for the software to take a snapshot of what’s behind you in a videoconference and substitute any picture or video in its place is just a stroke of genius.
It’s a neat time to own a Mac, and probably an even better time to upgrade to an Intel one.

New PC first though, for me.