CSM2 Election Results In

Well, the votes have been tallied, and we have ourselves a winner…

Vuk Lau (character name ‘Vuk Lau’) is the Council’s chairman having received the highest number of votes. The first order of business for the Council will be to elect a vice-chairman, secretary and vice-secretary.

Congratulations, Vuk Lau!!

Check out the rest of the dev blog for some really interesting stats on vote distribution by country and gender.

Source: Dev Blog – Second Election Results are In

Mail Changes in QR 1.0.1

Get ready for a few changes with regards to that giant pile of EVEmails you have sitting around in your inbox.

To address performance issues in EVE we are making some changes to the EVE Mail system in Quantum Rise 1.0.1. You will now be able to fetch up to 1000 undeleted EVE Mails, however, EVE Mail number 1001 and beyond will not be fetched, whether it has been read or not. To gain access to those EVE Mails, you must delete newer EVE mails. In addition to this all EVE Mails sent by NPCs that are older than 3 months will be deleted.

For those of you stashing old CONCORD killmails, now is the time to do a bit of housecleaning. That, or hit the forums and voice your opinion on the change.  Click below.

Source: EVE Mail changes to come in EVE Online: Quantum Rise 1.0.1

Massive Gamer Magazine: Beginnings

A few blogs back I talked about Massive Gamer Magazine, a newcomer to the MMO media arena. Since then, they’ve been adding a ton of content daily, covering pretty much every bit of MMO news that’s come out.

Today marks the start of a new series of articles on MGM written by myself, the first of which is online now for folks to read.  It’s something that I’ll be doing on a regular basis, and won’t any of the things that I do for the EVE community right now (comic, and podcast) — both of which have fallen behind due to real life commitments, but that shall be rectified very soon.

So check out the site, give the article a read, and feel free to leave comments on the new forum thread started at the site, or here at this blog if you wish.  This is a pretty cool opportunity, and it’s one that I’m really excited about!

Source: Beginnings

Surprise Summer 2009 Expansion

Bimjo on the EO forums has nicely compiled the major points of a patch coming in summer 2009 that was revealed during Fanfest today.

New Exploration
unstable wormholes
new scanner and map
new skills and modules
all used to explore and find stuff to make T3 components

UI modified

Epic missions,do storyline then go to next stage(involving the unstable wormholes

lots of new T3 ships
very customisable
components to build your own version of ship


I think I can speak for everyone when I say that pretty much everything in this is a welcome thing.  I’m pretty curious how they’re planning out customization, and hopefully it’s more than just cosmetic.

More details are no doubt forthcoming by CCP, but this is some pretty big news.

Update 1: A recording of the Live Dev Blog can be found here.  Thanks to whoever uploaded it!

Update 2: Someone recorded a video of ship customization.  Check it out here.  Whoa…

Source: condensed version of summer 2009 expansion

Quantum Rise Patch Notes Live

The patch notes for Quantum Rise are finally online, and folks can now see all the details of the upcoming expansion.

There’s a godawful lot of changes coming in this patch, and may of them have huge effects on a lot of players, so I encourage everyone to check them out to see how their experience is going to change. Most notable of these modifications to the game are the changes which rebalance ship speeds, and the addition of the industrial-focused capital ship, the Orca.

Quantum Rise is due to go Live on 11 November 2008.

Source: Build 69018 Patch Notes

Massive Gamer Magazine Debuts

MMOs are a tricky beast to cover. The usual gaming media sites are general purpose, and that’s just fine, but those of us who play MMOs know how different they can be from regular games.

Enter a new player in that arena, Massive Gamer Magazine. Brand spanking new, it’s both a website for ongoing MMO news, and a monthly magazine.

It’s not being run by just anyone.  Dana Massey (formerly of MMORPG.com and Warcry) is taking the reins, along with an impressive co-pilot:

I’ll be joined by Sanya Weathers, known to many by her maiden name Thomas. Sanya was the Director of Community Relations for Mythic Entertainment and is known throughout the industry for her wit, sharp tongue and no nonsense attitude.

Things just went live, but coverage is already very active.  Check it out!

Source: Massive Gamer Magazine