No WDA this week?

I know, I know. It was a silly weekend, and I didn’t get a chance to get one done. Besides which, my PC is on its last legs, so running Photoshop is a bit of a craps shoot. So an upgrade is due (well long overdue really), and should be happening very soon.

Finally. I’ve been tootling along with this my 1.7GHz P4 for far far faaaaar too long

Warp Drive Active #119: She Can Smell Fear


New comic, for those who need reminding that Mother’s Day is coming soon.

For some dumb reason, my copy of EVE is crashing repeatedly. Every time I start it I can login, pick my character, and when it’s busy loading the station data it craters. Deleting the cache seems to help, sometimes. But sometimes it doesn’t. This just started yesterday for some weird reason, maybe I should bugrep the issue…

Also for those of you who link to WDA with thumbnailed images, I’m now creating a thumbnail for when the new comics come up. You can use the image from the location and it looks something like this:

WDA Latest Thumbnail