Review: Sunshine

Sunshine coverSet in the near future, the Earth’s sun is dying out. A crew of a ship called the Icarus II is sent out with a mission to reignite it.

Sunshine’s directed by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later fame, and it’s amazing how diverse this guy is as a director. This isn’t a slow, plodding sci-fi, it picks up right when things get interesting. The story here has a few predictable bits of course, but it’s handled well.

It’s not an action movie per se, so don’t expect space battle stuff here. 🙂 But it’s not the insomnia-curing Solaris either, not by far.

The dude from 28 Days in in this one as the crew’s physicist, and you’ll notice a lot of the actors are from other films. The acting’s pretty believable in terms of how the characters respond to their respective situations. No oscar worthy performances here, but that’s a good thing — those are usually so overblown it gives me space sickness.

Effects-wise, this movie’s gorgeous. I picked up the Blu-ray, and the picture practically jumps off the screen. The effects are gorgeous, and a fair part of that is the way Boyle styles his movie. If you’ve seen 28 Days Later you’ll know what i mean, he loves filming in high def and enjoys unconventional filming techniques.

Sci fi is a niche genre, and this doesn’t try to be any kind of maintream attempt. The story’s very approachable, there’s not a ton of technobabble, and the director’s approach to this kind of movie makes it very unique. Overall, me likey.