5 thoughts on “Massive Gamer Magazine: Exploited

  1. Given how widespread BACON-style apps allegedly were, before HYDRA started that whole controversy, I’d say it’s safe to assume all of the largest/richest alliances knew about it at least, even if all weren’t actually using it.

    In my opinion, though, regardless of whether “free” moon metals were produced, it would’ve been the same people holding those moons ’cause they needed the military power to take and hold them to begin with. So in the end, it would’ve been the same players and groups of players making their eFortune off of those same moons; the only difference(s) would’ve been the retail prices of T2 ships and mods that we the consumer paid (it would’ve been higher due to less supply with equal demand).

    I agree that full disclosure is needed, but I doubt it will be delivered (here’s to hoping I get proven wrong!). Great article, Winterblink!


  2. As much as I DO not like to think about it, I wonder why alchemy was introduced at all, then the answer appears…excess minerals for a select few, limited supply (not to mention the rarity) no supply is limited even more. It makes me wonder about how long CCP knew.

    I am of the mindset that I wish to know who my enemies(those people guilty of this exploit) are tell me who did this so that I can shun them, pod them, whatever seems “just”. I do feel bad for people involved with the Corps affected, who did not know what was happening, but that is tempered by the amount of gain that they made over a very long time.


  3. I fully agree with the name-and-shame sentiment (like some MMOs do), but I’m pretty sure it won’t happen with EVE and CCP. They’d need to do an about-face on their stance on player privacy and, while it’s not impossible by any means, I don’t envision them doing so.

    I would assume this carries over to Internal Affairs investigations. If an employee was ever discovered abusing his influence over the game, I’m guessing he or she would quietly be dismissed from employment rather than held up to the light of day.

    Like I said, I fully get how many people want full disclosure – particularly as this potentially impacts years of 0.0 alliance struggles – but it’s not going to happen. (Like Havohej, I also hope I’m proven wrong.)


  4. Hi Winterblink and everyone. Here is why I think it should take half the parts to make T2 ships/gear from now on.

    I’ve been thinking how huge this seems, and I can’t believe it was going on for 4 yrs and no one who knew about it said anything & no one found out.

    This is horrible unfair to the corps doing it the way that was intended, I wonder how their feeling about this?

    I would be pissed off big time.

    I always figured T2 stuff was wacky and why was it way better just to buy the T2 ship then to make it your self?

    Even if you had a character that was skilled to do it, imo it was not worth the time, and I was right. I knew people should of had gotten more isk for the work they put into making T2.

    I wouldn’t blame the good players who did it the right way if they were really pissed off by this.

    imo CCP always had T2 looking like it was T5 or something and hundreds of parts to make something just one tier up? Never made much sense to me.

    And that is why I think CCP should cut the amount of parts it takes to make T2 by at least half like it should have been. Because the reason it was so hard to make T2 was because it seemed like it was easy but it actually was not at least to the good players.

    But did CCP believe the good players who did not cheat? No, because they just looked at the economy and saw nothing wrong, but imo common sense would tell you it was whacked whether you know why or if their was an exploit.

    I was right, it takes way to much time to make T2 stuff. But the economy did not show it because people were exploiting.

    So if you took a middle ground of amount of parts between exploiting using no minerals and using the amount you needed when you did not exploit it should take half the parts to make T2 ships/gear from now on.

    P.S. Winterblink, lots of respect from me to you and Urban Mongral too. Awesome listening to you guys always.


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