EVE Blog Pack Tweets

TwitterMany of you are aware of the EVE Blog Pack. It’s a kind of bloggers consortium organized by CrazyKinux to provide EVE players with a way to easily find and subscribe to the generous helping of EVE bloggers out there.

Well, we’re also into the Twitter thing too. Well, some of us are. Twitter, for those who don’t know, is like microblogging. Short messages, SMS sized for brevity, are sent around between contacts. It’s easy to follow others and get that content delivered to you Twitter home or a portal device like a cell phone.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to on there, here’s a list of the Blog Pack members who’re also tweeting.

10 thoughts on “EVE Blog Pack Tweets

  1. CrazyKinux has kindly directed me to twitter and it appears to have consumed my soul. Ah well, may as well “follow” you all whilst I’m here! Thank you for the links πŸ™‚


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