Megathron IRL

FedEx can be great one moment then ridiculous the next. Check out the madness which happened to me over the last few days.

  1. Arrive home, see door knocker. “Hey, tried to deliver you a package, but you’re not home (surprise, I work for a living), will be back tomorrow. Oh, have money because of import taxes. Peace.” (paraphrased)
  2. Call FedEx. Don’t worry about reattempting delivery, I’ll just pick it up after work. “Sure!” they say. Girl on the phone seemed really nice.
  3. Next day, at work while in a meeting, my phone on my desk records a message. “Hey, driver put your package on a truck and will be trying to get it to you day. Yay!” (paraphrased)
  4. You gotta be kidding. So I phone, reattempt step 2. Confirm the next day (today).
  5. While driving to pick up package, I almost:
    1. T-bone guy with my car because he was on his cell phone doing a u-turn in a spot he shouldn’t be and without signalling. I sign “f**k you, hang up your cell and learn how to drive” and move on.
    2. Almost get run off the road by two teenage girls who don’t signal or shoulder check when changing lanes.
    3. Almost get taken out by a bus lazily weaving between two lanes.
    4. Checked my brakes for a douchebag tailgating me so close I could see what brand sunglasses he was wearing (Oakleys).

Anyway, the end result of it was that I managed to get my shipped package home, opened it up and assembled it: a nice new Megathron model. Go ahead and check out my Flickr set of this for some unboxing images.

The model’s really awesome.  Size wise, it’s about the length of the inside of your forearm, elbow to wrist.  There’s a lot of cool details on it.

Source: Flickr set ‘Megathron Model’

4 thoughts on “Megathron IRL

  1. Well worth almost getting run over for! Congrats.

    Now if I could only get a job, get paid, and have some throw away money to put on something like this! Soon baby, soon!


  2. Wow, I do actually have nerd envy. Although, obviously, I’d have got a Tempest.

    The roads over here have been full of idiots, too. Out on my bike last night I nearly got run off the road by a car going the wrong way down a one-way street and then had several people pull out in front of me without looking or step off the curb without a glance. Idiots! I knew there was a reason I don’t drive 🙂


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